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    Would you like to ensure your assets go to the correct people after you pass away?

    Would you like to ensure your children taken care of by someone you trust if you die before they turn 18?

    The only way to ensure this happens is to draw up a Will.  This vital document should be written after receiving advice from someone with Will Writing expertise. Bicester Wills & Probate have a professional Will Writing service available, specifically designed to assist you in arranging your affairs in an easy, direct and cost-effective manner.

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    • “It was a painless and thought provoking exercise… our wishes have been understood and will be acted upon.. We will have no hesitation in recommending your services to other members of our family as well as our friends and business associates.”

      Mr W
    • “Making your will is never something to look forward to, but you made the whole process nice and simple.”

      Miss F
    • “You handled my situation in a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly manner that far exceeded my expectations. Nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble.”

      Mrs K

    • “The service we received from you was excellent. You are easy to talk to, friendly and really know your subject. I am very happy with the work you did for us.”

      Mr C

    It is essential to have a Will that is up to date because:

    • If you don’t have a Will the Laws of Intestacy decide who is to benefit from your money, property or your possessions. This may not be the way that you envision your possessions and money to be distributed;
    • Unmarried partners and partners who have not registered a civil partnership are not able to inherit from one other unless they have written a Will;
    • Writing a Will allows you to assign people to look after your young children if either one or even both parents pass away before the children reach 18 years old.

    Perhaps you have a Will already but there has been a change in your circumstances, it is essential to update your Will to cover your new set of circumstances. For example:

    • if you have since divorced or separated and your ex-partner is now living with someone else, this might mean you want to change your Will;
    • If you get married or have entered into a registered civil partnership, this will then invalidate any existing Will you might have made.

    We understand that any legal paperwork can be overwhelming. We aim to help to make things seem simple, clear and cost-effective for you.