Lasting Power Of Attorney

Appointing a trusted family member or friend to look after your welfare and financial/legal affairs

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    Lasting Power Of Attorney

    Do you ever find yourself contemplating what might happen if you are no longer able to manage your finances, pay bills, or even deal with the bank when you buy and sell property?

    Perhaps you think about those who might make decisions about the medical treatment you might receive and organise your care if you were to lose your mental capacity?

    A Lasting Power of Attorney will make sure that, if you were to lose capacity, your affairs will then be taken care of by someone whom you know and completely trust. If you’d like to make an appointment and come in to talk about these arrangements why don’t you book online? We also offer home visits and these are available at no extra cost. Please feel free to phone 07739 795 433 to organise an appointment at a location and time convenient for you.

    What is a Lasting Power of Attorney Document?

    A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that means that you can state whom you’d like to decide things on your behalf, if you were to find it difficult to do so later down the line through an accident or an illness. It also allows you decide on a person (or people) that you trust to act for you, this individual is then referred to as your acting attorney. You are able to name up to a total of 4 attorneys

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    Lasting Power Of Attorney

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    There are two different kinds of Lasting Power of Attorney – Financial Decisions Lasting Power of Attorney and also Health & Care Decisions Lasting Power of Attorney. Each of these types takes care of different decisions and there are different application forms for each type. You are able to choose to assign both types or just one. You can also have one attorney act for both, or you could if you prefer have two different attorneys.

    Why do it?

    • To feel rest assured – you will know exactly who will be dealing with your financial affairs if a situation arises where you are unable to yourself (either temporarily or also permanently)
    • For cost efficiency – an initial outlay can save time in the future, as well as complication and expense, and help stop the incurrence of the cost of a Court of Protection Deputyship when in the event of mental incapacity
    • To make the administration of your affairs for your family and friends far simpler in a situation where you have mental incapacity.   Whoever you choose as your Attorney will be able to manage your affairs without the problems faced where there is no clear legal authority
    • To prepare for the worst.   No one is able to predict the future; mental incapacity can happen without warning e.g. following an accident or perhaps a stroke.   Illnesses may mean you have physical incapacity or extended hospitalisation.   Household bills still have to thought about, any businesses still need to be run, and perhaps you may need someone to sell a house and organise residential care or nursing.