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    Funeral Plans

    Though not a subject many of us enjoy thinking about, the costs of a funeral will need to be considered for when it does happen.  Researchers say that funeral costs have increased above the inflation levels, and this is likely to continue to happen in the future.

    If you’re worried about how your family might pay for funeral costs, you are able to prepare for that now, at today’s prices.  Prepaid funeral plans are contracted with you and a nominated funeral director, which you are able to pay for now, or if you’d prefer to in instalments.

    When the time does eventually come, the funeral director carries out any instructions for the funeral, and then receives any payments straight from your plan, so your family don[t have to make any arrangements or think about the costs whatsoever.

    Is it common to take out a prepaid funeral plan?

    Increasing numbers of people wish to decide on their own funeral arrangements – with some deciding to do this in order to reduce the financial burden and the stress emotionally on their loved ones when they pass away; some do it to ensure the arrangements are as they would like; and others decide to because they don’t want to have ceremony, preferring a just a direct cremation.

    Is there just one plan available or can I make specific requests?

    We discuss your requirements and your exact desires for your funeral arrangement directly.  This will include everything, from burial or cremation, through to funeral cars on the day, and the what kind of ceremony you might like to have, if any at all.

    After going through your any requirements and desires directly with you, we then suggest what package might be best suited to meet any requirements and then help to nominate a funeral director to deal with arrangements when they are required.

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    Client Reviews

    • “My parents had funeral plans, and when my Mum passed away not only did we not have the financial burden of a funeral we had the support of a very caring funeral service who organised everything for us.”

    • “My mother had dementia before she died and her account was frozen. If I hadn’t the money I would have had to cope with trying to get her money released and deal with the funeral. We decided to remove that problem for our children and take out a Plan.”

    What happens if I want to change the plan later?

    Each plan is different, we’ll go through all the details in them all with you.  Often there will be an administration cost linked with any change to your plan.

    Perhaps your wishes have significantly changed? If this is the case it may be better to cancel your existing plan and look to take out a newer plan.  This will require a cancellation fee, so it is best to have considered your wishes very carefully before deciding on a plan for a prepaid funeral.

    How do I pay for the plan?

    You are able to decide to pay upfront in a lump sum that will then pay out the funeral director after the costs of any arrangements happen. You can also decide to pay via instalments.  We will go through all the options with you, and consider all your circumstances.  Any payments will be placed in a trust that will then pay the funeral director after the costs of your funeral then happen.

    If you decide to pay via instalments and then you pass away before the plan has been fully settled, in this scenario your family can decide to make a top up payment and after this the plan will be executed exactly as you requested.  Another alternative is that they cancel the plan, this would incur a cancellation fee, and after this they would have the remainder of the money refunded to be included in your estate.  Any funeral plan will no longer exist, so therefore any funeral arrangements would then still need to be made and your family would incur those costs.

    How is this regulated?

    Any recommendations we make are with companies that we know to be registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).  Because of this the funeral plan company has joined up to the FPA’s exact rules and codes of conduct, which requires exacting standards of compliance. All providers that are registered to this have to go through an annual re-registration process, whereby the FPA conduct an audit of their documentation and practices prior to permitting the provider to re-register.

    The FPA monitor all standards across the business, and they are able to assess customer complaints, and can arrange the searching of registered providers if the customer was then to misplace or forget the details of the plan they took out.