Estate Planning

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    Estate Planning

    This is the anticipation and the arrangement for the managing and disposal of your assets through your life and after you die, whilst ensure the minimisation of tax.

    Estate planning also includes preparation for incapacity so that a person you trust can deal with your personal affairs if you reach a point in life where you are no longer able act on your own behalf.

    Other sectors of Estate Planning are the reduction or elimination of any uncertainties surrounding the administrating of your estate upon death and also the maximisation of the valuation of the estate via a reduction in taxes and other incurred costs.

    The end goal of the estate planning process is determined the specific goals and priorities that you set yourself.

    Smart estate planning should always include:

    • Leaving instructions for who your assets are passed to.
    • The naming of a guardian and also a trustee for children under 18.
    • The provisioning process for your family members with specific needs without any disruption to government benefits or thereby leaving them susceptible to financial abuse
    • To provide for your loved ones who may have shown irresponsibility with money, or have suffered with addiction issues in the past or who may need protecting in the future from creditors or divorce.
    • Passing on your business when you retire, or are faced with disability, or upon your death.
    • To minimise the taxes, court costs or legal fees that aren’t necessary.
    • To make instructions for your care if you find yourself incapacitated via accident or debilitating illness.

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    Estate Planning

    Speak to one of our expects at Will Writing Solutions

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    Client Reviews

    • “My parents had funeral plans, and when my Mum passed away not only did we not have the financial burden of a funeral we had the support of a very caring funeral service who organised everything for us.”

    • “My mother had dementia before she died and her account was frozen. If I hadn’t the money I would have had to cope with trying to get her money released and deal with the funeral. We decided to remove that problem for our children and take out a Plan.”

    Estate planning is for everyone.
 No one is able to successfully guess how long they will live and accidents and illness can unfortunately happen to individuals of all ages.

    Estate planning is not just for the rich, good estate planning more often means more to families with assets that are more modest, because they are the people who need them the most.

    • Many of us don’t plan
    • Perhaps you think you don’t have enough
    • Perhaps you think you are too young to consider it yet
    • Perhaps you are too busy
    • Perhaps you think you have lots of time left
    • Perhaps you are confused
    • Perhaps you do not know who can help
    • Perhaps don’t want to think it.
    • But if something were to happen it is then your family that are left to pick things up.

    If you don’t plan you’ll soon find the law has one for you!
If you were to lose capacity via illness or accident and you own assets and then you aren’t able to represent yourself during financial talks due to mental or physical incapacity, in this scenario only a court can appoint a person to deal with your personal and financial affairs.

    In this instance the court not your family will decide how your assets are used to care for you. It can be costly and very time consuming to fix,

    If you pass away without a Will your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Laws of Intestacy.   If you have children the court will take control of any inheritance.

    If both parents pass away before your children turn 18 years old the court will decide upon a guardian without being aware of whom you might have chosen yourself.

    The best time to plan your estate is now.
There isn’t anyone who likes to think about dying or the possibility of being unable to decide things for oneself. This is the exact reason why so many are caught unaware and underprepared when incapacity or death does happen. Don’t wait. You can make plans now and then decide to change them later…this is the exact the way estate planning should be conducted.

    The best benefit is peace of mind.
Being safe in the knowledge you have a prepared plan – one that is to your exact instructions and will provide protection for your family – this will leave you and your family with total confidence moving forward.